NOVEMBER 19, Vienna > Arriving to the Cooperative City: the Vienna Refugee Coalition
JUNE 22. Funding the Cooperative City – Warsaw
JUNE 15. Funding the Cooperative City – Prague
JUNE 14. Funding the Cooperative City – Bratislava
MAY 29 > We Make Europe: Cities and City Makers enhancing the (Im)Pact of Amsterdam
MAY 28 > Funding the Cooperative City – Rotterdam
MAY 5-9 > Funding the Cooperative City – Rome
APRIL 21-23 > Funding the Cooperative City – Madrid
APRIL 6-8 > Funding the Cooperative City – Budapest

NOVEMBER 23-24, Budapest > A SEM IX. Budapesten – Egy fenntartható városrehabilitáció anatómiája
NOVEMBER 14, Roma > Mercato come Servizio
NOVEMBER 3, Budapest > Kihasználatlan terek a városi közösségek szolgálatában
OCTOBER 31, Roma > Mercato in Filiera

Dismissed Modernity: The Ambiguous Memory of Socialist Architecture

5th Budapest Architecture Film Days
Project Space Vienna: Rethinking Felberstrasse
Adaptable City: The problem and opportunities of vacant properties

4th Budapest Architecture Film Days
LAKATLAN / VACANT CITY: In-Between Spaces and Temporary Uses in Central Europe
The Cyclists of Venice
Fő utca 17. – 20 éves a Francia Intézet épülete

Processing Form – Retroactive investigations from a Compact City
Stücke des Widerstands – Pièces de résistance

“The Market and the City” international conference in Budapest (H)
“3rd Budapest Architecture Film Days” in Budapest (H)
“Anatomy of a Street” symposium in Budapest (H)
“The Architecture of Survival. Learning from Yona Friedman” international conference in Budapest (H)
“After the Cultural City” international conference in Pécs (H)
“Anatomy of a Street” exhibition at the London Festival of Architecture
La Pavillon de 20 secondes, Biennale de Belleville
Lekerekítés / Rounding Off

Budapest Architectural Film Days, Centre for Contemporary Architecture

„conZerve? Preservation and Utilisation of Industrial Heritage” conference at the Centre for Contemporary Architecture – programme; communication; event organisation