Project Space Vienna: Rethinking Felberstrasse

The Project Space Vienna: Rethinking Felberstrasse workshop took place in Vienna within the Wonderlab Festival in the AZW from 7th to 15th August 2013 in collaboration with ÖBB and MA21. The workshop was coordinated by Daniela Patti and Levente Polyak, with the participation of
Heribert Wolfmayr and Josef Saller, heri & salli (AT)
Guillaume Margot-Duclot, Margot-Duclot architectes associes (FR)
Andres Llopis Perez Mestre Arroser Del Pinos, Fleiva, Grupo Aranea (ES)
Jason Hilgefort, Land+Civilization Compositions (NL)
Vitaliy Avdyeyev and Anastasiya Ponomaryova (UA)

Download the Felberstrasse Workshop Diary

Project Space is an international idea competition where young teams from all over Europe are invited to suggest their ideas to improve an urban space and the selected teams are invited to test these ideas in the city. For more details, visit the website of Wonderland European Platform for Architecture