The KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre is a non-governmental organization: an independent architectural cultural institution founded and operated by young architects, planners, architecture historians, artists, journalists, sociologists and civil activists. The mission of KÉK is to bring closer the current questions of architecture and urbanism to the general public, and to make visible for them the invisible processes of urban development. Since its establishment in 2006, KÉK has been active in opening new perspectives in the public discourse about architecture and urban development both at a local and a regional scale.

KÉK’s activities include exhibitions, conferences, debates, workshops, architecture tours and festivals as well as advocacy campaigns and investigative research. KÉK is engaged in educational events for both professionals and the larger public. We produce event that both serve to inform and to support research & development: conferences on thematic issues, panel discussions, lectures and presentations, architectural tours, film screenings and workshops. In cooperation with various universities, KÉK offers courses for students, practicing professionals and the general public. We regularly organize workshops, conferences and symposiums featuring local and international speakers.

In recent years, KÉK has been involved in various urban regeneration programmes, acting as a mediator between the civil sphere, the cultural sector, creative industries, municipal officers and decision-makers. Focusing on sustainable urban development and social innovation in the city, we regularly cooperate with various partner organisations, academic and research institutions, manufacturers, developers, investors and other interested parties. KÉK has positive and active relationship with all architectural associations and chambers, the ministry in charge, the decision makers of the town- and municipality leadership, and the majority of the institutions involved with the higher education of architecture and arts.

Lakatlan / Vacant City