MARCH 1, Budapest > The Future of Budapest Forum (moderation)

FEBRUARY 22, Budapest > Diverse Heritage, Shared Connections (moderation)


DECEMBER 14, Prague > Cooperative Cities: Community-Driven Urban Transformation and Civic Ecosystems in Europe

NOVEMBER 15, Budapest > Perspectives pour une ville durable (moderation)


July 15-18, GRAN CANARIA > X Encuentro de Arquitecturas Colectivas

July 14, AMSTERDAM > Maak je Stad Academie

June 22-23, PRAGUE > ReSITE Festival

MAY 16, Paris, La naissance d’une métropole

APRIL 7, Pistoia (Toscana), Leggere la Città

FEBRUARY 21-24, Norway > Investigating Artistic Interventions in (Post-)Industrial Environments


OCTOBER 29, Timisoara > Architect’s Backstage

JUNE 6 at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam

MAY 29 > We Make Europe: Cities and City Makers enhancing the (Im)Pact of Amsterdam

APRIL 4, Bratislava > What City?

March 17, Prague > UN Habitat III Meeting in Prague

MARCH 7, Amsterdam > New Life for Markets at Pakhuis de Zwijger

FEBRUARY 27, London > R-Urban Wick, Hackney


DECEMBER 14, Brussels > Partnership for urban development – Future of the EU Urban Agenda

DECEMBER 2-3, Plzen > Creative Placemaking Festival

OCTOBER 9, Palermo > Marketplaces as local hubs

SEPTEMBER 21-22, Plovdiv > Funding Urbanism workshop at the One Architecture Week

SEPTEMBER 17-19, Athens > Data to the People conference

SEPTEMBER 4, The Hague > Ruimte voor de stad

JUNE 26, Berlin > Participation and Re-use of Post-Industrial Heritage

JUNE 23-25, Amsterdam > Joint Venture 2015

JÚNIUS 16, Budapest > Pest megye 2020

MARCH 27-29, Istanbul > Urban Series vol.1

2-3 MARZO, Roma > TUTUR Final Conference


DECEMBER 4-5, Weimar > Austerity urbanism

NOVEMBER 28-30, Florence > New Generations Festival

26-28 NOVEMBRE, Paris > Jeunesses créatives au coeur des villes Européennes

OCTOBER 23-25, Paris > Becoming Local Conference

SEPTEMBER 12, Hamburg > City Link Congress

JUNE 26, Rome > Public presentation of the TUTUR project

JUNE 4, London > Urban Design Group event

MAY 23, Oslo > Battle Grounds – Culture and the Quest for Open Space // Seminar / Part #1


MAY 12-17, Kiev > CANactions Festival

APRIL 2, Tbilisi > Vacant Central Eastern Europe


Mobilité dans la ville intelligente: le défi de l’automobile, École d’architecture Paris-Malaquais

City 2.0 in Wonderland: Activate and Involve!, TEDx Vienna

Discharging Socialist Architecture: Post-war Spaces and Changing Uses in Budapest, Tallinn Architecture Biennial

Rethinking Profession: The Wonderland Platform for European Architecture, CANactions Festival, Kiev

Crowdsourcing and Community Mapping Vacancy in Budapest, Central European University

2012 Fall Patterns Lectures 2012 Fall at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and DesignVACANCY: In-Between Spaces and Temporary Uses in Central Europe

Lecture at the 4AM Gallery for Art and Media, Brno: Exhibiting Spatial Ideas: Architecture in the Expanded Field

Lecture at the Warsaw Synchronicity Festival: Void in the City: Mapping and Recycling Empty Urban Properties

Lecture at Rijeka University: Cities and Memory: Urban Space and Remembering in Budapest

Lecture at the ‘Cities and Change and Conflict’ conference at Aedes, Berlin, organized by the Georg Simmel Zentrum, Humboldt University: Art, Industrial Heritage and Urban Space

Lecture at Humbolt University’s ‘Stadtlabor’ program, Berlin: Open Source Urbanism: Mapping as Empowerment

Lecture at the École d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais: La culture comme infrastructure en Hongrie – un paysage des cultures parallèles

2012 Spring TU Wien – Creative Processes in Urban Development and Urban Research

Lecture at the ‘Mapping Urban Spaces. Control, resistance and interventions’ conference at York University, Toronto: Mapping Conflicts in Post-Socialist Cities

Lecture at the ‘Who Owns Public Space?’ symposium at the Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo: Between Public and Private: Who Owns Space and Why Does it Matter?

POPS and Participatory Urbanism, Sentient City

Reflections on Permutations, Dorsky Gallery, New York

Lecture at the Annual Conference on Critical Geography at Clark University, Worcester, MA: Mapping Conflicts in Post-Socialist Cities

Lecture at the ‘Kontrolle des Urbanen Raumes – Akteure, Strategien, Topographien’ conference, Berlin (D): Between Private and Public: Changing Rules in Public Spaces of Budapest

Presentation at the ‘Reality Check: Contextualising Higher Education in Central and South Eastern Europe’ symposium, Prague (CZ)

Lecture at the Central European Dictionary of Political Concepts Symposium, Bratislava (SL): Five Tales of a City – Dysfunction and Potential in a Central European Capital

Lecture at the Journal for Northeast Issues Vienna Meeting, Vienna (AT): Anatomy of a Street – Mapping Transformation in Post-Socialist Budapest
Presentation at the Compact City symposium, Brno (CZ): Processing Form – Retroactive Investigations from a Compact City

Lecture at the MoME Tech Tea series, Budapest (H): Nagyvárosi rendszerek, térképek, adatok, hozzáférhetőség (Metropolitan systems, maps, data, accessibility)

Talk at the ELTE TÁTK Documentary Film Festival, Budapest (H): Music, Architecture and Cinema

2011 Spring TU Wien – Creative Processes in Urban Development and Urban Research

2011 Spring

2010 Fall Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design: The Post-Socialist Transformation of Central European Cities

2010 Fall Budapest University of Technology: The Post-Socialist Transformation of Central European Cities

2010 Fall PATTERNS_Lectures course – Fragmented Space: The Transformation of Central European Cities

Lecture at the Politecnico, Milan (I): Socialist architectures revisited: conceptions, evolutions and legacies

Presentations at the Anatomy of a Street symposium series, Budapest (H), Bratislava (SL) and Warsaw (PL)

Lecture at the ‘Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe: politics and culture’ conference, Vienna (A): Exchange in the Street: Rethinking Open-Air Markets in Budapest

Lecture at the ‘Infracity’ conference, Paris (F): Vulnerabilities and Inequalities Revealed: Alternative Mapping Practices and the Infrastructures of Cities

Lecture at the ‘Once Upon a Place: Architecture and Fiction’ conference, Lisbon (P): Filming Budapest: Peripheral Views Between Cienma and Politics
Lecture at the ‘History Takes Place’ symposium, Paris (F): The Politics of Architecture Exhibitions

Lecture at the ‘International Congress of East European Studies’, Stockholm (SWE): The Anatomy of a Street. On the Urban Transformation of Budapest

Lecture at the Krétakör theatre company’s ‘Urban Therapy’ symposium, in Pécs (H): Affective Spaces and Urban Therapies

2010 Spring Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design: Metropolitan Dynamisms
Budapest University of Technology: The Experience of the City

2009 Fall
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design: Urbanism and the Urban Society
Budapest University of Technology: The Form of the City and its Communities

Podium discussion at the 2nd Budapest Architecture Film Days: Architecture and Passion

Presentation at the seminar ‘Challenges of the Sustainable City’ at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (BRA): Participatory democracy and the sustainable city: limitations and challenges of engagement

Lecture at the ‘Tibor Weiner Memorial Conference’ organised by the Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros: Palaces of Culture

Lecture at the ‘IndusTrial: Cultural Reutilisation of Industrial Buildings’ conference organised by the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre: Rozsdaérzékenység. Kulturális érdeklődés a marginalitás terei iránt (Rust-sensibility. Cultural attention towards the spaces of marginality)

Lecture at the conference ‘The Political Aspects of Cultural Heritage’ organised by the Weimar Klassik Foundation and the Goethe Institut in Sofia (BG): Heritage as argument, heritage as authority: Notions and positions in contemporary Budapest urban planning discourse

Lecture at the conference ‘City_space_positions’ organised by the Kultúra 2010 Társaság, Pécs (H): Strukturális fejlesztések az európai kulturális fővárosok projektjeiben, példák a „kreatív városfejlesztés” gyakorlatára (Structural Developments in European Cultural CapitalsProjects, examples for “Creative Urban Planning”

Lecture at the conference ‘Urban Contact Zone’ organised by Projektgruppe, Hamburg (D): Heritage and Progress: Narratives of Past and Future in Contemporary Budapest Urban Regeneration and Entering the city through films: urban discourse and contemporary cinema in Budapest

Lecture at the conference ‘City&Film: The Visual Culture of the Metropolis’, organised by the Hungarian National Film Archive and the Austrian Cultural Forum: Periférikus látás: Az ezredforduló Budapestje fiatal filmesek szemével (Peripheric view: Budapest of the Millennium seen by young directors)

Lecture at the conference ‘Urban Mindscapes of Europe’, organised by the De Montfort University: Drifting Bridges – Semantic Changes of the Bridge Metaphor in Recent Budapest. Leicester (UK)