Lekerekítés / Rounding Off

A 22′ video (made in different phases with Zsolt Keserue and Ágnes Dénes) about the transformation of the interiors of prefabricated housing estates. Through interviews and research, the video documents attempts and practices to domesticate and alter radically planned spaces. The video has been shown in Budapest (Budapest Filmfestival), Berlin (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), New York (Hungarian Cultural Institute), Pécs (Európa-ház), Bangalore (Shumuka Gallery) and New Delhi (Lalit Kala Academy) and Rotterdam Documentary Film Festival.

“Design cannot do more than create the frame in which human life can settle. Life carves down the edges of the crystal, softens hard forms, shapes the environment. One has to provide space carefully for instictive development. The structure must not be so hard that it would resist the constant mobility and change in life, that would make it inhuman. ”
Tibor Weiner: Sztálinváros (Stalin City) In: Sztálinváros, Miskolc, Tatabánya, 1959.
(The designer of the first prefabricated block house in the year of the first one’s construction)

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