MAY 14-15, Budapest > Community as resource: space&matter

The architecture of space&matter
May 14-15, M56 – Mészáros utca 56., 1016 Budapest

Ceuvel photo

May 14, Thursday 7pm
Lecture by Tjeerd Haccou and Marthijn Pool (space&matter)
May 15, Friday, 11am-7pm
Workshop with Tjeerd Haccou és Marthijn Pool (space&matter)

The lecture and the workshop will be held in English.
Participation is free, registration is required.

Space&matter is a young architecture office, based in Amsterdam. Using community networks and existing resources, they create new spatial situations, buildings, and entire neighborhoods. In their architectural, urban planning and cultural projects, the office makes an innovative use of social media: their online platforms, like “CROWD BUILDING”, connecting vacant office spaces with potential users, or “WEBUILDHOMES”, collecting open source residential building designs, link the capacities of virtual communities with opportunities in physical space.

In one of their most famous works, space&matter created “De Ceuvel”, a new neighborhood in Nort Amsterdam, turning disused boats into buildings. Similarly, other projects of space&matter also focus on the opportunities of abandoned or underused spaces: in “Sweets” they transformed vacant Amsterdam bridge buildings into hotel rooms dispersed across the city, in “9 Stegen” they suggested to reposition some hidden alleys of Amsterdam into cultural exhibition spaces, giving more visibility and latitudes to the city’s cultural institutions and revitalizing an area previously out of sight.
Space&matter is a successful example of the emerging new role of architects: instead of settling for executing design tasks, they generate commissions themselves. Many of the works of space&matter are born from the architects’ own initiative, following their own innovative business models. More details about space&matter:

On May 14-15, we’ll host two funding members of space&matter. Tjeerd Haccou and Marthijn Pool will spend two days in Budapest: following their lecture Thursday evening, they will participate at the Friday workshop, focusing on the methods and possibilities of creating new collective spaces.

Supported by the Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds NL and NCTA, Norvég Civil Támogatási Alap. The lecture and workshop are organized as part of the OFF-Biennial. More informations at

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