APRIL 25, Budapest > Georgi Shanishev: “EXCUSE ME, WHICH IS THIS CITY?”

Georgi Shanishev: “EXCUSE ME, WHICH IS THIS CITY?”
1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16

Monument de l'Armée Russe netoyée 4 (Unicode Encoding Conflict)

The histories of the city of Sofia, in particular from the liberation in the late 19th century, show us how its leaders, builders and inhabitants developed a rather loose conception of memory and the intrinsic identity of their monuments. This general attitude made possible for some extreme and in many ways paradoxical reversals in the lives of important monuments and their role within the city. The lecture will focus on some radical cases of reuse, destruction and rebirth, demonstrating the continuation of these phenomena and the manner in which they generate Sofia’s
urban consciousness of the present.

Georgi Stanishev is an architect and researcher. In 2013 he founded with Nicolas Duru, Can Onaner and William Parlon Documents Architecture Urbanisme in France. He is a Phd Student and an assistant teacher at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture in France and the University for Civil Engineering and Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2012, he is making a Phd research on the history of architectural discourses in the countries of Central and Eastern countries during the post-war period. This work takes the form of a comparative analysis of the architectural frames within the different countries and questions the existence of common creative and ideological attitudes, specific to the geopolitical region.

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