Once Upon a Place: Architecture & Fiction. Edited by Pedro Gadanho and Susana Oliveira

Few publications and books deal specifically with architecture from an interdisciplinary perspective, especially from the ‘fiction angle’. The editorial scope outlined in this book intends to be perceptive and distinctive. It aims at serving scholars, architects, designers, authors, students and a wider, non-professional audience. It is a contribution to the field and pushes forward research in architectural practice and thought in intriguing and exciting directions, at a time when the professional activity is pressing its traditional and almost exhausted limits.

Precisely in this moment, in which one may question architecture’s inclination to become a pseudo-technical service or mere signature shape-giving; in which one may question urban planning’s propensity to produce social failure, one may as well ask if the imagination of fiction is not the ultimate gizmo with which to face a reality that has gone… stranger than fiction. (Pedro Gadanho + Susana Oliveira, editors)

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