MAY 23, Oslo > Battle Grounds – Culture and the Quest for Open Space // Seminar / Part #1

Friday, May 23rd, 1-3 pm
Schweigaardsgt 34 D

Daniela Brahm, Ours – Proclamation Poster, 2006,
Courtesy Mirko Mayer Gallery, Cologne

In connection with the exhibition ‘Our Place / ExRotaprint Berlin – Urban Activism as Artistic Practice’ the seminar will discuss four bottom-up redevelopment projects in Berlin, Budapest and Oslo, that are differing in strategy and objectives, but all are initiated out of cultural field.

Though embraced by both the market and the political sphere, the idea of the cultural driven, alleged Creative City seems to exist outside a deeper understanding of its rationale. Yet being a real commodity in terms of city development tactics, the Creative City is not a static notion. Nor can it survive on the terms structured by its proponent, the market.

As our contemporary cities are growing ever more rapidly, today’s agents of culture and creativity are literally losing grounds by the square meter as far more powerful economic forces seize city territory. Whereas culture continuously is being forced to move it maintains its ambitious and innovative approach, pioneering yet new grounds while simultaneously playing the double role as both victim and spearhead of gentrification. However, the ultimate victims of this perpetual chase between culture and profit are in fact the city’s residents. Gradually witnessing their city moving from multi to mono, from autonomous to submissive and from inspirational to discouraging.

The seminar aims to shed light on different models of cultural driven strategies for alternative urban (re-) development. Whereas the first part of the seminar will take ExRotaprint Berlin as its starting point, the second part towards the end of the exhibition in late August, will focus on the co-location study which 0047 conducts in cooperation with UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund – Young Artists Society), Fotogalleriet and FFF (Forbundet Frie Fotografer – The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers).

Speakers: Daniela Brahm & Les Schliesser (ExRotaprint Berlin), Espen Røyseland (Transborder Studio, co-location project UKS, FFF, Fotogalleriet and 0047), Arild Eriksen (Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter, Hauskvartalet – urban ecology cultural quarter) and the Lakatlan project group (Budapest).

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