JUNE 5-6, Budapest > The City as an Ecological System

[adaptable city 12] The city as an ecological system
Lecture by Paul de Graaf about the agricultural strategies of Dutch cities.
Gólya, Bókay János utca 34., Budapest 1083


Paul de Graaf is an architect and system thinker interested in the relationship between architecture, landscape and ecology. He investigates possibilities for designing the human habitat as a sustainable socio-ecological system; reintroducing natural processes and ecological principles in the humanmade environment. His work involves design, writing, research, organisation and teaching and is informed by more than 15 years of experience and meeting with and learning from pioneers in the field of ecological design, ecological engineering and sustainable agriculture. He combines his international network and expertise with strong local engagement. A founding member of the Dutch expert group in urban agriculture Eetbaar Rotterdam, he is initiator and main author of the study “Room for Urban Agriculture in Rotterdam” and expert on the sustainable integration of urban agriculture and other multifunctional living systems in the modern city. In his Budapest lecture and the picnic organized by Community Gardens, Paul will explain his work and help Budapest practitioners connect their efforts into an overall Budapest urban agriculture strategy.

Registration to the lecture and picnic: https://goo.gl/rxXOor

Supported by the Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds NL and EEA Norway Grants.

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