TUTUR – Temporary Use as a Tool for Urban Regeneration

An URBACT Pilot Transfer Network
December 2013-March 2015
Coordinated by Daniela Patti and Levente Polyak
In partnership with the municipalities of Rome, Bremen and Alba Iulia

Temporary use is a planning tool effectively bringing together various stakeholders: it engages an important number of municipal and private economic development agencies and property owners, as well as cultural organisations, to elaborate potential uses of existing infrastructure and resources. In the meanwhile, architects (and landscape architects, designers) also play a key role in the development of models for interim use and in the establishment of temporary spatial possibilities. Transforming empty properties to allow them adopt new uses offers advantages to all: owners profit with the renovation and preservation of the building, users access affordable work and living spaces, residents enjoy their revitalised neighbourhoods, merchants benefit increasing traffic and sales, and the design professions gain new work opportunities and expanded professional perspectives. The objective of the TUTUR project is to introduce the method of temporary use in urban regeneration to cities participating in the network.



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