SEPTEMBER 10-12, Chisinau > Mapping workshop in Chisinau

Reclaimed spaces – mapping workshop with Levente Polyak and Vitalie Sprinceana
September 10-12, 2013
Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale)
Sciusev str. 103, Chisinau


You are invited to take part in the mapping workshop Reclaiming spaces that will be organized between 10-12 of September 2013. Please send a letter of intent by September 6, 2013 to: and

The purpose of this workshop is to teach activists on how to use interactive technologies (web alerts, websites, blogs, and maps) in order to better coordinate their efforts and to enhance the communication between them, between activists and authorities and between citizens and activists. The idea is to provide activists with more efficient tools and to use the possibilities of social media/internet in order to build a more robust civil society.

The workshop will introduce various methods and technologies of crowd mapping. Participants will decide to use a newly established Ushahidi crowd map deployment or to join the Vacant Central Europe mapping application, according to the established mapping objectives. Participants will learn to submit, edit and organize reports as well as to give additional visibility and publicity to the findings, encouraging the public to participate in the deployment. As a result of the mapping exercise, participants will learn to recognize patterns in the mapped phenomena, helping them to come up with pertinent solutions, informed by examples and good practices from various international locations.

Activist topics to be covered during the mapping workshop:
– Demolition of architecture and historical heritage
– Illegal constructions in public spaces (extensions) and inner courtyards
– Illegal cutting of forests and parks and consequent construction of new buildings in those areas
– Demolished sport infrastructure (conversion)
– Demolished cultural infrastructure (conversion)
– (Neoliberal) development of the city center
– Illegal parking zones
– Water sources
– Inclusion/exclusion/access to space
– Other issues

This workshop is part of SPACES: Chisinau Civic Center – beyond the red lines program:


DAY 1 (September 10, 2013)
18:00 Introduction of the workshop objectives
18:30 Introduction to community mapping: evolution, possibilities, limitations; Q&A
19:00 Introduction of participants, open discussion about the workshop’s desired outcomes
19:30 Establishing categories of observation for the site visit next day

DAY 2 (September 11, 2013)
9:00-12:00 Visiting 6-8 places in Chisinau
– demolished site (architecture / historical)
– illegal construction site (inner yards)
– extension on public property
– park
– illegal parking
– sport field
– demolished cinema
– bd. Cantemir
– dangerous zone for gays
– missing infrastructure for people with disabilities

13:00 Evaluation of the visit and the findings
14:00 Organization of data and uploading content in the crowdmap
15:00 Discussion of findings and problems
16:00-17:00 Discussion of the maps’ possibilities, planning the next day activity

DAY 3 (September 12, 2013)
10:00 Individual site visits

15:00 Organization of data and uploading content in the crowd map
18:00 Public presentation of the map
19:00 Discussing the continuation: plans, perspectives

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