OCTOBER 23-25, Paris > Becoming Local Conference


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The Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie of La Villette School of Architecture organizes a three-day workshop for the AESOP thematic group of “Public Spaces and Urban Cultures”. The Parisian meeting will be the fourth to take place under the ‘Becoming Local’ theme following Istanbul (November 2013), Bucharest (June 2014) and Vienna (August 2014). The aim of the ‘Becoming Local’ series is to discuss and share international, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary perspectives in the study of public spaces and urban cultures.

The Paris workshop will be dedicated to question the conflict between the local and global scale in contemporary public spaces by proposing a reflection on notions and categories used to describe local identities in the context of urban transformation. Through a “talk, walk and work” gathering, researchers, scholars and practitioners, will improve a comparative approach on the meaning of “local” in different case studies around the world and will live the experience of “becoming local” in Paris.

The Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie has, since its birth in 1981, been rooted in the school of architecture of La Villette and works in the field of anthropology of the city. Its aim is to create a new understanding of urban transformation processes through an anthropological approach. Our interdisciplinary research considers these processes as moments in which space and time are continually imagined, narrated and negotiated by the people who live it and by those who design and manage it. Different tools drive this approach: 1) the articulation of spatial and temporal scales, narratives and imaginations; 2) the questioning of acquired notions and categories; 3) the methodological experimentation on representation tools (see: www.laa.archi.fr/Cartes-habitantes and www.laa.archi.fr/Chronotopies). The LAA is one of the founding groups of the Laboratoire Architecture Ville Urbanisme Environnement (LAVUE), the biggest French research unit on urban studies.

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