MAY 10-11, Katowice > Vacant Central Europe workshop

Vacant Katowice
May 10-11, Katowice, Poland
Organized by Pawel Jaworski,

The opening workshop of the Vacant Central Europe project takes place in Katowice, on May 10-11. In the frame of the “Vacant Katowice” event, participants will explore empty, abandoned or ruined buildings and lots in the Upper Silesian Agglomeration and the possibility of recycling them. The workshop will include presentations of case studies, including the activities of BIBU group (Katowice-Szopienice and Ruda Slaska – Chebzie), and the transformation of Katowice’s railway stations and inner city buildings. During the workshop, participants will visit vacant properties in the city centre and discuss various forms of conversion, reuse and in-between use. The event will also give opportunity for the project partners to elaborate ideas for the vacancy crowdmap network developed as part of the cooperation and to comment on the existing Katowice map ( The workshop’s findings and conclusions will be presented to the wider public, allowing for feedback and further ideas about the problem and opportunity of vacant urban properties as well as for a broader exchange of experiences, ideas and tools.

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Katowice-Ligota station
Katowice-Ligota Railway Station. Photo by Mamiya rz67

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