JUNE 26, Berlin > Participation and Re-use of Post-Industrial Heritage

The possibilities of participation in heritage conservation and urban development in Europe
June 16, 19h
Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt, Besselstr. 1, 10963 Berlin

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Andriy Makarenko, Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Tabea Michaelis, denkstatt-sarl / NRS-insitu
Levente Polyák, KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre

There is an increasing demand for participation when it comes to determining the re-use of post-industrial sites. Former employees and local residents want to be part of the decision making process regarding what should be done with examples industrial heritage. This process is related to the wider transformation of the city as a whole and the planning that shapes this development. This discussion will explore the benefits of participation for both planning and production of architecture as well that for for heritage conservation. Four experts with experience of different cases from across Europe will help us to understand the possibilities and implications of participation as a method for re-use of the past.

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