JULY 2, Berlin > Die Planung / A Terv” # 25 (June/July 2011) Berlin Release

“Die Planung / A Terv” # 25 (June/July 2011) Berlin Release:
Saturday, July 2, 2011, 21.00 (sharp)

Venue: Smaragd Bar, Prinzenallee 80, Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.

Reading with authors: Rachel Baker (tbc), Martin Burckhardt (tbc), Jason Danziger, Ulrich Gutmair, Aspassia Kouzoupi, Kathrin Röggla, Vera Tollmann.

DJs Rachel Baker (tbc), Martin Conrads and Ulrich Gutmair.

Die Planung / A Terv (“The Planning”) is a publication project for the utilization of the future, now. Die Planung / A Terv partially adopts the role of a utopian operation, in a print magazine format, seeking its own verification. Each of the three issues of the magazine carries a different date from the future (2011, 2036 and 2048) and is pre-released in the summer of 2007. These issues are in fact an advance from the future, and they will be published in those same future years in order to be “verified”. The apparently simple constellation of having the contributions written and designed from a future perspective encourages the emergence of a different reality, starting from the present circumstances. Around 60 international authors have been contributing to this operation with historical, futurological, sociological, philosophical, literary and artistic work from one of those specific future dates.

Die Planung / A Terv is edited and published from Berlin and Budapest by Sandra Bartoli, Martin Conrads, Silvan Linden, Levente Polyák and Katarina Šević.

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