2012 Fall > VACANCY: In-Between Spaces and Temporary Uses in Central Europe

VACANCY: In-Between Spaces and Temporary Uses in Central Europe
Course and Lecture series organized by MoME and KÉK
Mondays at 7pm, at Művelődési Szint, Corvin Áruház, 3rd floor
Contact: levente.polyak@kek.org.hu
Updates on Facebook and here
Supported by: Erste Stiftung, WUS Austria, The Embassy of the Netherlands

The 2012 Fall course held at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design and the corresponding lecture series at Müszi examine the transformation of Central European cities after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This semester’s work will focus on the phenomena of abandoned properties: their emergence, opportunities, limitations. Students, with the help of the invited lecturers, will approach these vacant properties from a diversity of perspectives and at a variety of scales: we will elaborate ways of mapping, classifying and cataloguing these spaces, of architectural and functional conversions, or spontaneous and temporary uses in fields of cultural and social work, and we will develop a set of city-wide policy proposals concerning abandoned properties. Each Monday’s class consists of a morning workshop and an evening public lecture, held by the invited guests.

September 10. Film screening: The Gruen Effect, 2009, 50′, Austria, Dir: Anette Baldauf & Katharine Weingartner. The screening is followed by a conversation with Bálint Kádár (BME), Dávid Zubreczki (urbanista blog), Gábor Radványi (Futureál) and Levente Polyák (KÉK)
September 17. Film screening: Squat Wars, 2009, 26′, Czech Republic, Dir: Jan Hanus. The screening is followed by a lecture by Michaela Pixova (Charles University, Praguewatch, Prague): Empty properties and the alternative culture in Prague
September 24. Temporary use of vacant properties in Budapest: Klara Landwehr (KIrály utca, Design utca)
October 1. Temporary uses in Vienna: Einschleichende Neubauten (Wien) + Wencke Hertzsch (TU Wien)
October 8. Regenerating a vacant downtown in Rotterdam: Zones Urbaines Sensibles (Rotterdam) (tbc)
October 15. Urban policies for temporary use in Europe: Agnes Deigner (BME)
October 22. A város mindenkié (tbc)
October 29. Mapping vacant properties in Zagreb: Marko Sancanin, Platforma 9.81 (Zagreb)
November 5. The Tempelhof Freedom: Eszter Gantner (Humboldt Universität, Berlin)
November 12. Inventory of empty properties in the Netherlands: Rietveld Landscape Architects (Rotterdam)
November 19. Haushalten (Leipzig) (tbc)
November 26. Cultural uses of empty properties in South-East Europe: Vladimir US, Oberliht (Chisinau)

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