Wonderland Magazine: Activate & Involve

Wonderland Magazine: Activate&involve
Edited by Daniela Patti and Levente Polyak

Architecture has in recent years witnessed an extension of its spectrum of tools, instruments and methodologies. As opposed to exclusively designing and building, architects developed new instruments and methodologies to bring sense and life into dysfunctional elements of the built environment, such as participative interventions in space, involvement of many different stakeholders and moderation/communication strategies in order to foster process oriented projects. Wonderland’s member offices and their events embrace this evolution and use various soft and performative elements to act on and intervene in urban space.

In the frame of its summer festival Wonderlab, Wonderland Platform for European Architecture published three new magazine volumes on contemporary architectural practices. Issue 3, with texts by Indira Van’t Klooser and Coloco, interviews and case studies from all across Europe, is available online at issuu.

To order print copies please contact office@wonderland.cx