2-3 MARZO, Roma > TUTUR Final Conference

tutur final conference pic

MONDAY 2nd MARCH 2015, 14:00 – 20:00
Location: UARK Rome Centre in Palazzo Taverna, Via dei Gabrielli 92, Rome
Language English – Italian with official translation

14:00 – 16:00 : TUTUR partner presentations
14:00 – 14:15 : Greetings by City of Rome, URBACT Secretariat and UARK Rome Centre
14:15 – 14:35 : “The value of Integrated Approaches and Cohesion Policy”
by Ivan Tosics, Thematic Pole Manager
14:35 – 14:55 : “Introduction on TUTUR methodology” by Pietro Elisei, TUTUR Lead Expert
14:55 – 15:15 : “The Bremen Case” by Oliver Hasemann, ZwischenZeitZentrale in Bremen
15:15 – 15:35 : “The Alba Iulia case” by Ovidiu Podaru, City of Alba Iulia
15:35 : 15:55: : “The Rome case” by Rossella Caputo, City of Rome
15:55 – 16:15 : Q&A

16:15 : 16:45 : Coffee break

16:45 – 18:00 : European good practices of Temporary Use Agencies
16:45 – 17:00 : Emily Berwyn from Meanwhile Space, London (UK)
17:00 – 17:15 : Stephanie Raab from Coopolis, Berlin (DE)
17:15 – 17:30 : Jeroen Laven from Stipo, Rotterdam (NL)
17:30 – 17:45 : Levente Polyak from Kek, Budapest (HU)
17:45 – 18:00 : Roundtable discussion

18:00 – 20:00 : Roundtable discussion: “The perspectives of innovative urban regeneration strategies in Italy and the role of European Funds”
-Raffaele Barbato, Project Officer of the URBACT Secretariat
-Ada De Cesaris, Vice Mayor and Planning Commissioner of the City of Milan
-Giovanni Caudo, Planning Commissioner of the City of Rome
-Alessandra Cattoi (tbc), Real Estate Commissioner of the City of Rome
-Marta Leonori (tbc), Productive Activities Commissioner of the City of Rome
-Paolo Marchionne, President of the III District of Rome

TUESDAY 3rd MARCH 2015, 10:00 – 18:00
Location: 3rd District of Rome
Language English – Italian with no official translation

10:00 – 12:00 : walk and cycle at Viadotto dei Presidenti close to Via Virgilio Talli
“Round table on transforming infrastructures”
-Sotto il Viadotto (G124, Greenapsi, Brainheart Works and local citizens)
-Jeroen Laven from Stipo, Rotterdam (NL)
-Daniel Schnier, Oliver Haseman from ZwischenZeitZentrale, Bremen (DE)
-Gaetano Mollura from Useact Urbact project
-Ivan Tosics, Thematic Pole Manager Urbact Secretariat
Moderated by Pietro Elisei, TUTUR Lead Expert

12:30 – 14:30 : lunch at market in Viale Adriatico 104 *
“Round table discussion on markets as reactivator of neighbourhoods and sshort food chain distribution”
-Local Support Group of Market project
-Emily Berwyn from Meanwhile Space, London (UK)
-Eliana Saracino, Nina Artioli, Alessandra Glorialanza from T SPOON, Rome (IT)
-Ioana Baba, Alba Iulia Municipality (RO)
-Martina Magnani, City of Milan (IT)
Moderated by Levente Polyak from Kek, Budapest (HU)

15:00 – 18:00 : Discussion in theatre of Don Bosco school in Piazza Monte Baldo 2

15:00 – 16:00 : “Workshop on the evaluation of the lessons learnt”
moderated by Pascal Chazaud, Urbact Secretariat

16:00 – 18:00 : “The future of reactivation of spaces for culture and employment
-Local Support Group of III District
-Stephanie Raab from Coopolis, Berlin (DE)
-Maria Prezioso from ReBlock Urbact project
Moderated by Daniela Patti, TUTUR coordinator

18:00: Farewell

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18 FEBBRAIO, Roma > Il mercato al centro

18 febbraio 2015, 16:30
Casa della Città, via della Moletta 85, Roma


Si svolgerà mercoledì 18 febbraio 2015 alle 16:30 presso la Casa della Città, in via della Moletta 85, Il mercato al centro, un’iniziativa promossa dal progetto europeo TUTUR del Comune di Roma in collaborazione con l’Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi, l’Associazione Eutropian e TSPOON.

L’obiettivo è di esplorare con esperti locali e dall’Olanda quale possa essere il ruolo futuro del mercato nella rianimazione del quartiere da un punto di vista sociale tramite i servizi al cittadino, della salute grazie al cibo di qualità, ambientale con prodotti a chilometro zero ed economico supportando la produzione locale.

L’iniziativa è stata sviluppata all’interno del progetto TUTUR del Comune di Roma con il contributo del Programma Europeo Urbact ed in collaborazione con l’Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi grazie al supporto dell’Associazione Eutropian, TSPOON, Roma Resiliente, il LabGov dell’Università LUISS Guido Carli, il Rome Centre dell’Università dell’Arkansas ed il Gruppo di Supporto Locale del III Municipio di Roma.

Per maggiori informazioni www.tutur.eu

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Remnants of a Revolution – in Autoportret 3[46]2014

Autoportret 3[46]2014 is now available online:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.06.10 PM

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FEBRUARY 12-13, Budapest > [adaptable city 9] Vacant buildings in the center of urban regeneration: The Stipo Method

Presentation and workshop with Hans Karssenberg (Stipo, Rotterdam)
February 12-13, 2015

Zoho Stipo

February 12, 7.30pm, Prezi, 1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 54-56.

In February, KÉK’s Adaptable City series will host Hans Karssenberg, co-founder of Stipo. Stipo is a Rotterdam-based boutique urban strategy and innovation firm, specializing in co-creation city redevelopment and user-based, organic, and bottom-up urban initiatives, combining spatial planning with economic development, culture, education, welfare, sport, recreation and tourism.

Stipo was founded at the University of Amsterdam in the early 1990s and became independent from the university in 1995. In the following years, Stipo developed its own methodology to tackle spatial and social problems, focusing on value-based regeneration models based on linking physical, social and economic components, and experimenting with networking, temporary events and differentiated rental agreements. Cooperating with housing associations and members of the creative industry, Stipo regenerated 40 buildings in the past years, including the Central Rotterdam area of Zoho. Based on their research on the regeneration of streets and ground floors, Stipo published in 2012 „The City at Eye Level”, a selection of good practices across Europe.

In Budapest, Hans Karssenberg will present Stipo’s work, their development projects, cooperations with municipalities and private actors as well as about their research on the regeneration of street regeneration.

The presentation is held in English.

February 13, 10am-7pm, Művelődési Szint, Blaha Lujza tér

On the second day of his visit, Hans Karssenberg will lead a workshop focusing on the spatial reorganization and expansion possibilities of Művelődési Szint (Müszi).

Müszi opened in 2012 at the 3rd floor of the Corvin Department Store, at Blaha Lujza tér. The independent cultural centre built on 2800 m2 by volunteers using recycled materials accommodates over a hundred cultural and social organisations and initiatives. After two years, Müszi prepares to extend its capacity: the transformations planned for the following years begin with the February 13 event. The workshop, supported by the experiences of the Rotterdam-based Stipo and the participation of the Müszi community, aims at defining the principles of the centre’s spatial reorganisation as well as establishing the steps of its expansion: in terms of the floors’ new program and architectural installations, helping the productive constellation and sustainability of the hosted activites.

Participation at the workshop is free but subject to registration. Please register here.

The presentation and workshop are organized by KÉK, with support from the Dutch Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds, Norway Grants, Prezi and Müszi, in partnership with the Seismic program.

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FEBRUÁR 10, Budapest > A10 #61 Eurovision Hungary lapbemutató

Február 10. 19h, Hátsó kapu (Dohány utca 13.)

A10-61_42-51_EUROVISION_DEF 1

Az A10 európai építészeti folyóirat 2015. január-februári számának Eurovision melléklete tíz oldalon keresztül foglalkozik napjaink magyarországi építészetével. A legfontosabb páneurópai szakmai magazinban megjelent összeállítást a Kortárs Építészeti Központ szerkesztette.

Az összeállítást február 10-én Kovács Dániel és Polyák Levente szerkesztők mutatják be az érdeklődőknek. A prezentációt kerekasztal beszélgetés követi a lapban megjelent, fiatal magyar építészirodák tagjaival a kortárs magyar építészet helyzetéről és az ezzel kapcsolatos, személyes tapasztalatokról.
Részletek: https://www.facebook.com/events/647702885341443

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2 FEBBRAIO, Roma > Vota il progetto del tuo mercato!

Piazza Sempione 15, Roma
2 febbraio, 16.30

Vota il progetto del tuo mercato

L’iniziativa sul Mercato di Viale Adriatico e’ stata sviluppata all’interno del progetto TUTUR del Comune di Roma con il contributo del Programma Europeo Urbact ed in collaborazione con l’Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi grazie al supporto dell’Associazione Eutropian, TSPOON, LabGov dell’Universita’ LUISS Guido Carli, il Rome Centre dell’Universita’ dell’Arkansas ed il Gruppo di Supporto Locale del III Municipio di Roma. Partecipare all’evento

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A10 #61 Jan/Feb 2015 > Eurovision Hungary


Following the political changes in 1990, a new generation of architects arose in Hungary, one educated in a more international context. Levente Polyák and Dániel Kovács of KÉK, our guest editors for this edition, take a critical view of the anti-EU rhetoric that now isolates the nation from European influences and exchange, yet they definitely see positive developments in the architecture scene. ‘Young architects are increasingly connected to international discussions and concerns. Through their global networks, events, study trips and design, they claim a place for Hungary in Europe.’ This particular focus on national problems in relation to international debate brings about a vibrant mix of old traditions and new ideas. http://www.a10.eu/magazine/issues/61/

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DECEMBER 4-5, Weimar > Austerity urbanism

Urban Austerity: Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Europe
10th Hermann-Henselmann-Kolloquium
Belvederer Allee 4
D-99423 Weimar


The international conference “Urban Austerity: Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Europe” will be hosted by the Institute for European Urban Studies at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar from Thursday 4th December to Friday 5th December 2014. The conference seeks to promote an interdisciplinary debate that discusses regulatory restructurings under a new regime of austerity urbanism and reflects on the role of urban social movements struggling for progressive alternatives. In the first part of the conference we will bring in academics, practitioners, and political activists from Greece to share their research and experiences. In the second part, we will invite contributions from established academics, early career researchers, graduate students, critical governors, and political activists on a broad range of urban topics focused on but not limited to the regions most affected in Southern and Southeastern Europe.

More details: http://www.uni-weimar.de/de/architektur-und-urbanistik/institute/ifeu/forschungresearch/urban-austerity/

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NOVEMBER 28-30, Florence > New Generations Festival

November 29th and 30th – From 11:30 to 18:30
La Palazzina Reale – Piazza della Stazione, Firenze
moderators: Indira van’t Klooster (Editor in Chief A10) – Jason Hilgefort (L+CC)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.39.45 AM

Economic sustainability is a key concern to architects (and many otherprofessionals). How many times have we been trying to figure out a sustainable model to our business plan? How many ideas would we like to convert into a project, without knowing how to proceed?

Since the beginning of the financial crisis this issue has been tackled either by following a clear and functional model or by using a creative approach. In any case, the sustainability of our business is becoming more and more important, and the boundaries among different disciplines are becoming less and less clear.

“Survive Style 4″ is an open event divided into 4 panels – each one of them will be followed by an open confrontation with the participants and the audience. Every panel will see the participation of one moderator and 4/6 international guests in an informal and open discussion.

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26-28 NOVEMBRE, Paris > Jeunesses créatives au coeur des villes Européennes

du 26 au 28 novembre 2014 à Saint-Denis (France)


Les rencontres annuelles du réseau Banlieues d’Europe ont pour objectif de créer un espace de réflexion, de débats et d’échanges entre des jeunes européens (artistes, acteurs culturels, architectes, travailleurs sociaux et travailleurs du secteur de jeunesse) portant des initiatives artistiques et culturelles innovantes et participatives dans des quartiers populaires en France et en Europe.

Cofinancées par le programme européen « Jeunesse en action », dans le cadre du projet UrbART, ces rencontres impliquent sept partenaires européens ainsi que des partenaires locaux et nationaux engagés sur des thématiques telles que l’inclusion sociale des jeunes à travers des projets artistiques et culturels ; la participation des jeunes à la co-construction de la ville et des espaces publics ; les formes contemporaines d’engagement des jeunes dans la vie locale.

Pendant deux jours, une centaine de porteurs de projets artistiques, d’acteurs de la société civile, de chercheurs, de médias et de responsables de politiques publiques, travaillant à l’échelle locale, régionale, nationale et européenne seront réunis à Saint-Denis pour aborder ces sujets, échanger, se rencontrer, coopérer.

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