ROME, June 26 > Public presentation of the TUTUR project

Il progetto europeo TUTUR sara’ presentato al MACRO di Via Nizza il 26 Giugno dalle 17:00 in poi. Il programma qui di seguito!

The European TUTUR project will be presented in MACRO in Via Nizza 138 on 26th June from 17:00 onwards. Please find below the program!


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BUDAPEST, June 16-17 > Underused office buildings, new approaches

[adaptable city 6] Underused office buildings, new approaches

June 16-17, 2014
Coming Soon! Projekt Gallery (1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.)
With Paul Oudeman (Office Space Intermediary, Amsterdam, NL)

June 16. Monday, 7pm-8.30pm
Lecture by Paul Oudeman

June 17. Tuesday, 10.00am-5pm
Site visits and workshop

Similarly to Budapest, Amsterdam has witnessed a radical decrease of office space use in the past years. Taking a pro-active position to tackle the issue of underused buildings, the City of Amsterdam is stimulating redevelopment and transformation not only organizational (office-space intermediary, transformation team), but also financial (through lease incentives, fines/charges, no subvention) legal and planning (permit procedures, zoning plans).

Paul Oudeman works for the Amsterdam Development Corporation (Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam) as the office-space intermediary of the Municipality of Amsterdam. He encourages and helps property owners to convert their vacant office properties to alternative uses, including residential property, hotels, space for creative endeavours, start-up companies and ‘incubators’. As part of the transformation process, he brings property owners in contact with those looking for property and helps them navigate the municipal process, procedures and regulations.

Empty office buildings in Amsterdam (November 2013). Source:

Empty office buildings in Amsterdam (November 2013). Source:

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MAY 23, Oslo > Battle Grounds – Culture and the Quest for Open Space // Seminar / Part #1

Friday, May 23rd, 1-3 pm
Schweigaardsgt 34 D

Daniela Brahm, Ours – Proclamation Poster, 2006,
Courtesy Mirko Mayer Gallery, Cologne

In connection with the exhibition ‘Our Place / ExRotaprint Berlin – Urban Activism as Artistic Practice’ the seminar will discuss four bottom-up redevelopment projects in Berlin, Budapest and Oslo, that are differing in strategy and objectives, but all are initiated out of cultural field.

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Norsk design- og arkitektursenter
Onsdag 21. mai 2014 kl. 18:00
Arrangører: Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo og Norsk design- og arkitektursenter


I Budapest er midlertidig bruk av tomme lokaler en integrert del av byutviklingen. Hva kan Oslo lære av Budapest?

Engasjementet for midlertidig bruk av Oslos tomme lokaler er stigende. Kveldsmøtet om tomme lokaler på Norsk design- og arkitektursenter høsten 2014 resulterte i en strøm av henvendelser rundt temaet. I kveld fortsetter vi diskusjonen, denne gang med utgangspunkt i den kreative bruken av tomme lokaler i Budapest.

Den ungarske hovedstaden har lidd mer under finanskrisen enn mange andre europeiske storbyer. Over 30 prosent av kontorlokalene i Budapest er ledige, det er også et stort antall butikklokaler, forlatte boliger og kommersielle komplekser. Den ungarske byplanleggeren Levente Polyák har i flere år engasjert seg i arbeidet med midlertidig bruk av byens tomme lokaler. I kveld forteller han om arbeidet med Lakatlanprosjektet, et forsknings- og medvirkningsprosjekt som undersøker retningslinjer og metoder for midlertidig bruk av forlatte byarealer.

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MAY 12-17, Kiev > Wonderlab workshop at CANactions Festival

Kiev, Ukraine
12-17 May 2014


The CANactions 2014 workshop in Telichka offers a unique opportunity to rethink the way urban development is conceived in Kiev. With the help of participants, tutors and curators from various countries, the workshop aims at developing an overall vision, a program, an action plan and tools for the territory’s development.

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APRIL 25, Budapest > Georgi Shanishev: “EXCUSE ME, WHICH IS THIS CITY?”

Georgi Shanishev: “EXCUSE ME, WHICH IS THIS CITY?”
1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16

Monument de l'Armée Russe netoyée 4 (Unicode Encoding Conflict)

The histories of the city of Sofia, in particular from the liberation in the late 19th century, show us how its leaders, builders and inhabitants developed a rather loose conception of memory and the intrinsic identity of their monuments. This general attitude made possible for some extreme and in many ways paradoxical reversals in the lives of important monuments and their role within the city. The lecture will focus on some radical cases of reuse, destruction and rebirth, demonstrating the continuation of these phenomena and the manner in which they generate Sofia’s
urban consciousness of the present.

Georgi Stanishev is an architect and researcher. In 2013 he founded with Nicolas Duru, Can Onaner and William Parlon Documents Architecture Urbanisme in France. He is a Phd Student and an assistant teacher at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture in France and the University for Civil Engineering and Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2012, he is making a Phd research on the history of architectural discourses in the countries of Central and Eastern countries during the post-war period. This work takes the form of a comparative analysis of the architectural frames within the different countries and questions the existence of common creative and ideological attitudes, specific to the geopolitical region.

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APRIL 2-12, Tbilisi > Vacant Central Eastern Europe

ვაკანტური ცანტრალური და აღმოსავლეთ ევროპა / Vacant Central Eastern Europe
2-12 აპრილი/April 2014
მეფინგი, ვორკშოპი, ინტერვენციები
Mapping, workshop, interventions

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MARCH 6-9, Budapest > 6th Budapest Architecture Film Days


This March the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center (KÉK) is organizing the 6th Budapest Architecture Film Days. This edition opens a whole new chapter in the life of the festival: our four day event has received a lot stronger professional support than before and is being accompanied by a growing international attention. We have participated at the most important architecture film festivals for the past couple of years, and organized screenings from Paris to Vienna, Brno, Warsaw, Krakow and Kiev. This year’s Call for entries attracted more than a hundred films from all around the globe. We will present the best of them between 6-9. March in Budapest.
Do you live in a building? Do you like movies? Then join us at the festival on the first weekend of March! Details here

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FEBRUÁR 13-15, Budapest > Adaptív város 3.: Flexibilis terek

Időpont: 2014. február 13-15.
Helyszín: Rögtön Jövök! Projekt Galéria
(1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.)
Az esemény magyar-angol nyelven, a február 14. esti előadás angolul zajlik.


Az üres ingatlanok átmeneti használatának nélkülözhetetlen elemei az olcsón használatba vehető, egyszerű eszközökkel egyedivé alakítható, könnyen átalakítható vagy akár költöztethető, rugalmas terek. Az esemény egy városi sétán, előadásokon és workshopokon keresztül mutatja be, miként alakíthatóak ki meglévő anyagokra és korlátozott erőforrásokra építve olyan terek, amelyek támogatják az átmeneti időszakra történő berendezkedést, a különböző tevékenységek együttélését. Részletek itt.

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FEBRUÁR 5-6, Budapest > Adaptív város 2.: Nyugati Grund


Nyilvános esemény a Nyugati Pályaudvar melletti terület átmeneti hasznosításáról
A Nyugati pályaudvar, Podmaniczky utca és Ferdinánd híd által határolt terület és a rajta található épületek évek óta állnak kihasználatlanul. A hosszútávú fejlesztések elindításáig tartó átmeneti időszak lehetőséget adhat a területben rejlő adottságok megismerésére és közösségi, helyi értékteremtésre. Az eseményen megismerhetjük a terület átmeneti hasznosításában érdekelt szereplők elképzeléseit és lehetőség nyílik a nyilvános, közösségi ötletelésre, az ötletek megvitatására is: Milyen funkciókat látnánk szívesen a tervezett szabadidős parkban? Milyen lehetőségek és rizikók rejlenek a terület átmeneti hasznosításában? Miként nevezzük az eddig névtelen területet? Részletek itt.

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