JUNE 26, Berlin > Participation and Re-use of Post-Industrial Heritage

The possibilities of participation in heritage conservation and urban development in Europe
June 16, 19h
Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt, Besselstr. 1, 10963 Berlin

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Andriy Makarenko, Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Tabea Michaelis, denkstatt-sarl / NRS-insitu
Levente Polyák, KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre

There is an increasing demand for participation when it comes to determining the re-use of post-industrial sites. Former employees and local residents want to be part of the decision making process regarding what should be done with examples industrial heritage. This process is related to the wider transformation of the city as a whole and the planning that shapes this development. This discussion will explore the benefits of participation for both planning and production of architecture as well that for for heritage conservation. Four experts with experience of different cases from across Europe will help us to understand the possibilities and implications of participation as a method for re-use of the past.

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JUNE 23-25, Amsterdam > Joint Venture 2015

June 23-25
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC Amsterdam

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All across Europe a growing number of engaged entrepreneurs and active citizens now shape our European capitals. With this New Europe update we present stories of City Makers, their initiatives in and for the city, and the collaborations with institutional parties they engage in. Together we will look into the state of the European Capitals and the principles underlying these new transitional processes.

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JUNE 19-20, Budapest > Flexible Spaces vol.2.

June 19-20, 2015
Kaptár, Révay-köz 4.

On June 19-20, Kaptar CoWorking and the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre organize an interactive design charrette for young designers and graduates. The charrette aims to facilitate the intermediate use of abandoned retail spaces to be used as coworking spaces by small design interventions. The workshop accompanies Kaptar’s soon-to-be-released mobile app, enabling the use of vacant spaces while providing new workspace options for urban nomads.

Tussentijd Rotterdam (Meanwhile Rotterdam) is a temporary use agency based born from a cooperation between Stipo and ANNA Real Estate & Culture. Tussentijd works together with housing corporations, private owners and municipal departments to help the interim use of buildings in periods of expected vacancy. In Tussentijd’s work, temporary use is considered both as a short-term solution and a basic for long-term strategies. In her lecture on June 19, Tussentijd-member Willemijn de Boer will present the organisation’s work, methods, achievements and challenges. More about Tussentijd at http://www.tussentijdrotterdam.nl

Az esemény a Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds NL és a Norvég Civil Támogatási Alap támogatásával, a KAPTÁR közösségi iroda partnerségével jött létre.
Supported by the Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds NL and EEA Norway Grants, with the partnership of KAPTÁR Co-Working.

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JÚNIUS 16, Budapest > Pest megye 2020

2015. június 16. 10:00 – 17:00 óra
Pesti Megyeháza Díszterem, 1052 Budapest, Városház u.7.

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A vállalkozások innovációs tevékenysége és az innovációhoz kapcsolódó állami és európai uniós források szerepe ma nagyobb, mint eddig bármikor. A konferencián elhangzó előadások kiemelik az innováció és a versenyképesség, valamint a településfejlesztés mind szorosabb kapcsolatát, hangsúlyozva a vállalkozások és közösségek partnerségének jelentőségét. Az esemény egyedülálló alkalmat jelent a települési vezetők, képviselők, a településfejlesztésben dolgozó szakemberek, valamint az innovatív vállalkozások közötti kapcsolatteremtésre, az együttműködés erősítésére, és a partnerségen alapuló tervek, komplex programok előkészítésére.

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Validated URBACT Lead Expert

URBACT confirmed experts can support network activities on a permanent or on-spot basis, by providing content and/or working tools. They can also contribute to the overall programme activities. http://urbact.eu/polyak


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JUNE 5-6, Budapest > The City as an Ecological System

[adaptable city 12] The city as an ecological system
Lecture by Paul de Graaf about the agricultural strategies of Dutch cities.
Gólya, Bókay János utca 34., Budapest 1083


Paul de Graaf is an architect and system thinker interested in the relationship between architecture, landscape and ecology. He investigates possibilities for designing the human habitat as a sustainable socio-ecological system; reintroducing natural processes and ecological principles in the humanmade environment. His work involves design, writing, research, organisation and teaching and is informed by more than 15 years of experience and meeting with and learning from pioneers in the field of ecological design, ecological engineering and sustainable agriculture. He combines his international network and expertise with strong local engagement. A founding member of the Dutch expert group in urban agriculture Eetbaar Rotterdam, he is initiator and main author of the study “Room for Urban Agriculture in Rotterdam” and expert on the sustainable integration of urban agriculture and other multifunctional living systems in the modern city. In his Budapest lecture and the picnic organized by Community Gardens, Paul will explain his work and help Budapest practitioners connect their efforts into an overall Budapest urban agriculture strategy.

Registration to the lecture and picnic: https://goo.gl/rxXOor

Supported by the Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds NL and EEA Norway Grants.

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MAY 26-27, Budapest > Spaces of Creation

Spaces of Creation – Lecture and Urban Walk
Art Quarter Budapest, Nagytétényi út 48-50., 1222 Budapest


SKAR, the Foundation for Art Accommodation Rotterdam was established in 1987 in order to create the right conditions for artists of all disciplines, by offering them affordable and adequate workspace. Managing both permanent and temporary spaces, SKAR enables cooperation between visual and performance artists by bringing them together in specific work and production areas. Working closely with the Urban Development department, and mediating between developers, managers and artists seeking space, SKAR manages almost half of the permanent communal workspaces for artists in Rotterdam, among them many formerly vacant buildings. More information: http://www.skar-ateliers.nl/ On May 26 and 27, SKAR member Yvonne Wieringa will be with us in Budapest. On May 26, she will participate at a guided tour of studio houses in Budapest, and on May 27, she will present SKAR’s work at Art Quarter Budapest.

5.26. Tuesday 17.00
Artist studio walk in Buda with Yvonne Wieringa
Registration and details: http://lakatlan.kek.org.hu/az-alkotas-helyei-varosi-seta

5.27. Wednesday
17.00 Art Quarter Budapest artist studio visit
18.30 Lecture by Yvonne Wieringa, SKAR

Supported by the Creatieve Stimuleringsfonds NL and EEA Norway Grants. The lecture and workshop are organized as part of the OFF-Biennial. More informations at http://offbiennale.hu/

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MAY 14-15, Budapest > Community as resource: space&matter

The architecture of space&matter
May 14-15, M56 – Mészáros utca 56., 1016 Budapest

Ceuvel photo

May 14, Thursday 7pm
Lecture by Tjeerd Haccou and Marthijn Pool (space&matter)
May 15, Friday, 11am-7pm
Workshop with Tjeerd Haccou és Marthijn Pool (space&matter)

The lecture and the workshop will be held in English.
Participation is free, registration is required.

Space&matter is a young architecture office, based in Amsterdam. Using community networks and existing resources, they create new spatial situations, buildings, and entire neighborhoods. In their architectural, urban planning and cultural projects, the office makes an innovative use of social media: their online platforms, like “CROWD BUILDING”, connecting vacant office spaces with potential users, or “WEBUILDHOMES”, collecting open source residential building designs, link the capacities of virtual communities with opportunities in physical space.

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MAY 7, Riga > TUTUR walkshop at the URBACT City Festival

Creating Urban Value from the Unused Potentials of Vacant Buildings
THURSDAY 7 MAY : 10:15 – 15:00
Kaņepes kultūras centrs
Skolas iela 15, Rīga, LV-1010

urbact festival

Daniela Patti, Coordinator, URBACT TUTUR Network
Levente Polyak, URBACT TUTUR Network
Jonas Buchel and Marcis Rubenis, Free Riga

This walkshop will address the phenomenon of vacancy in Riga, using the Latvian capital as a case study to discuss general tendencies and responses to vacancy in European cities.

Throughout the walkshop you will discover the main reasons for the abandonment of centrally located properties; what administrative barriers obstruct their revitalization; and how to engage creative and community energies in the revitalization of public properties. You will be introduced to the various approaches and experiments in the partner cities of TUTUR as well as in Riga, and will be invited to share your impressions and ideas.

The walkshop will take place in the historical centre of Riga, where the challenge of vacancy is most visible with a multitude of buildings, including valuable historical heritage, deteriorating due to the lack of use and maintenance. The walk will visit notorious vacant properties and get acquainted with strategies for their revitalization community engagement.

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Frameworks for temporary use: The case of Rome and Budapest – now online

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.09.09 PM

The paper Frameworks for temporary use: The case of Rome and Budapest, by Daniela Patti and Levente Polyak, is now available online. The paper was prepared for the “Transience and Permanence in Urban Development” International Research Workshop, The University of Sheffield : 14th – 15th January 2015.

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