JUNE 26, Berlin > Participation and Re-use of Post-Industrial Heritage

JUNE 23-25, Amsterdam > Joint Venture 2015

JÚNIUS 16, Budapest > Pest megye 2020

MARCH 27-29, Istanbul > Urban Series vol.1

2-3 MARZO, Roma > TUTUR Final Conference


DECEMBER 4-5, Weimar > Austerity urbanism

NOVEMBER 28-30, Florence > New Generations Festival

26-28 NOVEMBRE, Paris > Jeunesses créatives au coeur des villes Européennes

OCTOBER 23-25, Paris > Becoming Local Conference

SEPTEMBER 12, Hamburg > City Link Congress

JUNE 26, Rome > Public presentation of the TUTUR project

JUNE 4, London > Urban Design Group event

MAY 23, Oslo > Battle Grounds – Culture and the Quest for Open Space // Seminar / Part #1


MAY 12-17, Kiev > CANactions Festival

APRIL 2, Tbilisi > Vacant Central Eastern Europe

City 2.0 in Wonderland: Activate and Involve!, TEDx Vienna

Discharging Socialist Architecture: Post-war Spaces and Changing Uses in Budapest, Tallinn Architecture Biennial

Rethinking Profession: The Wonderland Platform for European Architecture, CANactions Festival, Kiev

Lecture at the 4AM Gallery for Art and Media, Brno: Exhibiting Spatial Ideas: Architecture in the Expanded Field

Lecture at the Warsaw Synchronicity Festival: Void in the City: Mapping and Recycling Empty Urban Properties

Lecture at Rijeka University: Cities and Memory: Urban Space and Remembering in Budapest

Lecture at the ‘Cities and Change and Conflict’ conference at Aedes, Berlin, organized by the Georg Simmel Zentrum, Humboldt University: Art, Industrial Heritage and Urban Space

Lecture at Humbolt University’s ‘Stadtlabor’ program, Berlin: Open Source Urbanism: Mapping as Empowerment

Lecture at the École d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais: La culture comme infrastructure en Hongrie – un paysage des cultures parallèles

Lecture at the ‘Mapping Urban Spaces. Control, resistance and interventions’ conference at York University, Toronto: Mapping Conflicts in Post-Socialist Cities

Lecture at the ‘Who Owns Public Space?’ symposium at the Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo: Between Public and Private: Who Owns Space and Why Does it Matter?

Lecture at the Annual Conference on Critical Geography at Clark University, Worcester, MA: Mapping Conflicts in Post-Socialist Cities

Lecture at the ‘Kontrolle des Urbanen Raumes – Akteure, Strategien, Topographien’ conference, Berlin (D): Between Private and Public: Changing Rules in Public Spaces of Budapest

Presentation at the ‘Reality Check: Contextualising Higher Education in Central and South Eastern Europe’ symposium, Prague (CZ)

Lecture at the Central European Dictionary of Political Concepts Symposium, Bratislava (SL): Five Tales of a City – Dysfunction and Potential in a Central European Capital

Lecture at the Journal for Northeast Issues Vienna Meeting, Vienna (AT): Anatomy of a Street – Mapping Transformation in Post-Socialist Budapest

Presentation at the Compact City symposium, Brno (CZ): Processing Form – Retroactive Investigations from a Compact City

Lecture at the MoME Tech Tea series, Budapest (H): Nagyvárosi rendszerek, térképek, adatok, hozzáférhetőség (Metropolitan systems, maps, data, accessibility)

Talk at the ELTE TÁTK Documentary Film Festival, Budapest (H): Music, Architecture and Cinema

Lecture at the Politecnico, Milan (I): Socialist architectures revisited: conceptions, evolutions and legacies

Presentations at the Anatomy of a Street symposium series, Budapest (H), Bratislava (SL) and Warsaw (PL)

Lecture at the ‘Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe: politics and culture’ conference, Vienna (A): Exchange in the Street: Rethinking Open-Air Markets in Budapest

Lecture at the ‘Infracity’ conference, Paris (F): Vulnerabilities and Inequalities Revealed: Alternative Mapping Practices and the Infrastructures of Cities

Lecture at the ‘Once Upon a Place: Architecture and Fiction’ conference, Lisbon (P): Filming Budapest: Peripheral Views Between Cienma and Politics

Lecture at the ‘History Takes Place’ symposium, Paris (F): The Politics of Architecture Exhibitions

Lecture at the ‘International Congress of East European Studies’, Stockholm (SWE): The Anatomy of a Street. On the Urban Transformation of Budapest

Lecture at the Krétakör theatre company’s ‘Urban Therapy’ symposium, in Pécs (H): Affective Spaces and Urban Therapies

Podium discussion at the 2nd Budapest Architecture Film Days: Architecture and Passion

Presentation at the seminar ‘Challenges of the Sustainable City’ at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (BRA): Participatory democracy and the sustainable city: limitations and challenges of engagement

Lecture at the ‘Tibor Weiner Memorial Conference’ organised by the Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros: Palaces of Culture

Lecture at the ‘IndusTrial: Cultural Reutilisation of Industrial Buildings’ conference organised by the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre: Rozsdaérzékenység. Kulturális érdeklődés a marginalitás terei iránt (Rust-sensibility. Cultural attention towards the spaces of marginality)

Lecture at the conference ‘The Political Aspects of Cultural Heritage’ organised by the Weimar Klassik Foundation and the Goethe Institut in Sofia (BG): Heritage as argument, heritage as authority: Notions and positions in contemporary Budapest urban planning discourse

Lecture at the conference ‘City_space_positions’ organised by the Kultúra 2010 Társaság, Pécs (H): Strukturális fejlesztések az európai kulturális fővárosok projektjeiben, példák a „kreatív városfejlesztés” gyakorlatára (Structural Developments in European Cultural CapitalsProjects, examples for “Creative Urban Planning”

Lecture at the conference ‘Urban Contact Zone’ organised by Projektgruppe, Hamburg (D): Heritage and Progress: Narratives of Past and Future in Contemporary Budapest Urban Regeneration and Entering the city through films: urban discourse and contemporary cinema in Budapest

Lecture at the conference ‘City&Film: The Visual Culture of the Metropolis’, organised by the Hungarian National Film Archive and the Austrian Cultural Forum: Periférikus látás: Az ezredforduló Budapestje fiatal filmesek szemével (Peripheric view: Budapest of the Millennium seen by young directors)

Lecture at the conference ‘Urban Mindscapes of Europe’, organised by the De Montfort University: Drifting Bridges – Semantic Changes of the Bridge Metaphor in Recent Budapest. Leicester (UK)